At Coromandel Homes, we take pride in our house design and build process. Our aim is to make your home build experience as stress-free and rewarding as possible.


Free and with absolutely no obligation.

The preliminary phase involves catching up for a chat to talk about your vision. We like to hear about what your new house will require from layout to style to functionality.

We then like to get the design team together, review the information given and put together an initial proposal including options we think you may be interested in. Our proposal will also include an outline regarding timelines and cost of project.

From here, if you like what you see we can progress through to the design process. If not, hopefully we helped to give a good idea of what lies ahead.


Now we're on the same page and have decided to move forward, the real fun can begin. 

If you've fallen in love with one of our options, the next step is making sure the house will work for your site and adjusting if needs be. Once we've established the layout and style for your house, we'll talk specifics and see how we can customise the house to perfectly suit your families vision.

If you decide you'd like to initiate a new design from scratch, cool! This will be a slightly longer process but very satisfying. Together we'll design your dream house, perfect for you and ready for building consent application.  

We take care of the consent application and council requirements, getting your house ready for the build!


With our interactive project management tool, you'll be able to stay totally in the loop throughout the project. Via our website, you'll be able to log into your own personalised job page where you'll be kept up to date with daily photos and important info.

In the meantime, our team of top class trades people will be hard at work bringing your vision to reality!